Feeling overwhelmed with the never-ending to-do list of starting a podcast and sustaining it?

You gotta work smarter, not harder!

That’s why we, at Your Podcast Matters, are here to support you, whether you’re just starting out or already looking to scale your show.

Let's combine our super powers with yours!

Together, we'll amplify your message and attract your ideal listeners.

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"It sucks!"


Sounds familiar?

Overwhelm is one of the most common reasons why a podcaster falls into the realm of pod-crashing or podfading after having few episodes released.

We know it's a struggle to sustain a podcast, even start one.

You don't know how to start. You are not techy enough to set your show up. You lack the design skills for your social media. You have little audience. You don't know where and how to find guests for your show. You don't know how to grow and stand out.

You just can't do it alone.

It's easy to get overwhelmed with all these never-ending to-do list of podcasting and then sustaining it. You had all the good intentions to share your message with the world but somehow you just can't do it by yourself.

Now, you are left feeling down, frozen and defeated.

Hey, cheer up! We hear you! We're here for you!

why work with us

Because your podcast matters, we will help you

Share your awesome message with the world

And put the pieces together without getting tired in editing each of your podcast episodes.

Make a positive impact on your target audience

And influence people without getting overwhelmed in writing your show notes.

Raise your authority within your chosen niche

And maximize your podcast reach through a proven content marketing strategy.

about us

We use our experience to create yours

Your Podcast Matters was founded by Rose Anne Fermocil with the mission of helping podcasters get their message out there without having to worry about the overwhelming and time-consuming tasks involved in releasing each podcast episode.

That mission has since grown into a company that offers services that help podcasters create a show that impacts their audience and grows their business.

Our Solutions:

  • Podcast Launch
  • Cover artwork
  • Guest management
  • Podcast editing (audio & video)
  • Show notes
  • Transcription
  • Audiogram & social media images
  • Podcast growth strategy


Discover how we make a difference with your company


All you have to do is RECORD your show and drop the raw files in the shared drive.


We will OPTIMIZE your content for your social media.


Once everything is done, it's time to SHARE your podcast with your target listeners.


Be consistent with your podcast game and EARN more listeners and income by promoting your offers and services.


We're perfect for you if you need help with

Podcast Launch

Are you just starting out? We can help you with setting your show up and sharing your message with your target listeners. Let us know at what stage you are so we can assist you best.

Podcast Editing

Respect your listeners' time by making your audio sound more professional and high-quality (without the uhms and ahs) with our basic and advanced audio editing services. We can edit videos, too!

Guest Management

Finding potential guests that fit your show, especially your listeners, is time-consuming. We can make a list of potential guests for you, even invite them on your behalf for a scheduled interview.

Content Management

Recording your episode is not enough. Let's make the most out of it by optimizing content that you can share on your website, social media, email list or anywhere your audience hang out.

Social Media Creatives

Stunning social media creatives can help you go a long way. Gain your target listeners' attention and increase engagement through social media images and videos curated from your podcast episodes.

Podcast Analytics

It's important to know your podcast stats to see which episodes are getting more downloads and which show notes are getting the most views so we can improve your show. We can help you with that, too!

Podcast Growth

Make a greater impact (and eventually earn from your show) by increasing your reach. Unlike blogging, you are more likely to stand out through podcasting. Let's talk about how we can help you grow your podcast.


Of course you can manage podcast by yourself! Need a guide? Check out our course LAUNCH AND GROW YOUR PODCAST FROM 0 TO 1K DOWNLOADS IN 90DAYS OR LESS at SKILZ.COM


What our clients say about us

Rose has played a key role in our content marketing strategy. From podcast editing, to editing and creating FB video ads, all the way through to editing our course content.

She is diligent, super fast and always willing to try new things on to get the desired result.

She comes highly recommended and anyone would be lucky to have her as part of their team.

Anna Jonak

Raising Her Game Podcast

It has been such a relief to hand off the podcast publishing side of our task list to Rose! The audio always sounds great and she is quick to respond and get things done.

She now handles not only the editing of the podcast episodes but also the publishing, social media graphics, and publishing the podcast blog post to our website.

It's a huge help and frees up our time to focus on other parts of the business. I would highly recommend Rose to anyone looking for help with their podcast!

Kristin Richards

Create Your Destiny Podcast

I appreciate every single thing you have done for me. What you have done has allowed me to grow.

Naseema McElroy

Nurses on Fire Podcast

Rose was a pleasure to work with, professional and efficient. She had the podcast ready and seamless in no time. I would highly recommend working with her for all your podcast editing needs.

Melissa Kelly



Pleasure to work with



Check out our actual and sample outputs

Before and After Audio Edits

Podcast Cover Art

Show notes


Podcast Growth Case Study


Get rid of the overwhelm and wasted time trying to do all the things

Starter Podcast Launch

  • Strategy and onboarding call
  • Intro/outro music and script stitch
  • Audio editing and optimization
  • Podcast host setup
  • RSS feed submission on different platforms

* Applicable to first three (3) episodes


Basic Editing Package

  • Mix and master your audio to broadcast standards; NOT include removal of fillers such as Umms and Ahhs - Includes putting in ads, intros/outros

INVESTMENT $300 per month up to 5x episodes

Premium Editing Package

  • Advanced audio editing and optimization
  • Short form show notes
  • Audiogram (30- to 60-second snippet)
  • Social media creatives

INVESTMENT $1050 per month up to 5x episodes

Full Podcast Launch

  • Strategy and onboarding call
  • Intro/outro music and script stitch
  • Cover art design
  • Audio editing and optimization
  • Short form show notes and transcript
  • Audiogram (30- to 60-second snippet)
  • Social media creatives
  • Podcast host setup
  • RSS feed submission on different platforms
  • Episode publishing to host and website

* Applicable to first three (3) episodes


Advanced Editing Package

  • Mix and master your audio to broadcast standards; include removal of fillers such as Umms and Ahhs - Includes putting in ads, intros/outros

INVESTMENT $600 per month up to 5x episodes

Ala carte

Feel free to reach out if you feel you need our services in an individual setting instead of a monthly package

  • Audio / video editing
  • Social media creatives
  • Guest management
  • Content management
  • Podcast analytics
  • Podcast growth


Are you ready to mic your way up?

Are you ready to have a podcast that stands out? Need help with the overall podcast launch and growth strategies? Let's have a chat and discuss the strategies that are tailored fit to your specific requirements.